How we generated Traffic and sales worth $2300 with just spending $310 in Google Adwords.


The most important things to decide when you run Google Adwords campaign.

Daily Bid Amount:

It’s the amount you would like to spent on daily basis ex: you make profit of $100 on each product sold from your website, so let’s start off with daily bid amount of $50


Let's assume, you sell your products only in NJ, so you have to select location NJ, while setting up a campaign.

Bid Strategy:

You have to decide what strategy would help you gain more traffic and conversion.


• Target Search Page Location

• Target CPA

• Target ROAS

• Target Outranking Share

• Maximize Clicks

• Enhanced CPC

Manual Bidding

• Manual CPC

Targeted Keywords:

This is very crucial part on Adwords you will have to pick up your keywords according to their relevancy and search criteria Let’s say you are flower dealers and you might think your keyword is flower, Trust me this is the major mistake you do and end up blowing your budget within 30 seconds.


Suggested bid $5.67, will be the amount you will be paying Per Click,$50/$5.67=9 Clicks,the best practice to generate more revenue is by choosing right keyword, If you see below it shows Average monthly searches and price per bid, I would always suggest to use Longtail keywords, like flowers online or buy flowers online Get Experts Advice


All set and you are ready to run the campaign and this is how your Ad looks when someone searches for flowers online,Seems pretty easy right, But the challenge is to know how your competitors run there Ads and make much with very less, Get a scanned report from us